Launch and scale projects with the power of web3

Wonder’s intuitive task management system allows DAOs and teams to organize projects, pay contributors, and collaborate in our project metaverse.

Task management

Our intuitive system configures task workflows, permissioning and coordination transparently across teams

Payment for members

Compensate members as they complete tasks and milestones with any currency or social token

Optimize productivity

Use our analytics dashboard to track/improve performance for teams and contributors

Community engagement

Understand your contributors through their profiles and onboard new members by building in public

The future is collaborative

Business isn’t as usual. Cooperation is a better strategy than competing. DAOs have proven that shared incentives drive radical collaboration.

Our project collaboration infrastructure facilitates powerful network effects for DAOs and gives these shared advantages to startups and builders.

What is the project metaverse?

Our project metaverse is an all-in-one platform that empowers people to launch and scale projects with ease.

Build a following, pay/get paid in any currency or token, intuitively manage DAOs, and collaborate on a universe of projects.

Making an impact should be simple

DAOs are taking over the world, and we’re helping.

We’re building the easiest way to
launch and scale world changing projects.

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Let's collaborate

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