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Wonderverse is where top Klaytn projects manage and grow their project workflows.

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We're excited you're building your project on Klaytn!

Wonderverse is the project management layer for Web3 dOrgs and we're a proud Klaytn ecosystem partner.

Launching a Klaytn project on Wonderverse gives you a TON of perks:

  • Get access to our launchpad and accelerator with DAO tooling from Wonder/partners (e.g. governance voting, token issuance/distribution, onboarding, credentialing, community engagement etc.)
  • Get prioritized feature requests and product support
  • Direct 1:1 ideation for features for the Klaytn ecosystem
  • Personal project managers and a dedicated Telegram/Discord chat
  • Operational advice and mastermind meetups with other DAOs in the ecosystem
  • Collaborate on platform with other project on Klaytn
  • Get social amplification through our channels via Twitter spaces, blog posts, Twitter threads, and Podcasts episodes.
  • You can even get technical integrations with our product!
  • & good vibes in the Wonderverse ecosystem

Launch your project today!

Launching a Project on Wonder is easy

You can start your project in under 60 seconds.

Create your account

If you haven't already, please create a Wonderverse account (it's completely free). You can create an account through email, Discord, or your favorite Web3 wallet logins.

Launch your project

In 5 easy steps you can launch your project.

After clicking the '+' button on your left panel, you will be prompted to our project launch pad.

Here you can add project details, name, username, logos, etc.

You will be prompted to select your projects category.

You can then connect your projects Discord to Wonder.

This will give you easy ways to access roles, to get proper permissions, and get updates for your project from our WonderBot.

Lastly, you can review and launch!

Tada you did it. Now you can configure permissions, invite your community, create pods, and build out your projects workflow.

Want some extra help?

Please email ed@wonderverse.xyz

Or join our Discord and there are a ton of Wonderverse advocates there happy to help you :)